What Food Causes Cancer? 13 Food You Should Avoid

These foods should be on your watch-list if you want to reduce the risk of cancer.

What Food Causes Cancer? As cancer awareness increases daily, it is quite important to know what food causes cancer.

This article is not meant to scare you out of eating every food that you love to eat.

On the contrary, this is so that you can take an inventory of your kitchen and do an overhaul where you think is necessary.

Although, a lot of people claim that a lot of food can cause cancer, but cancer cause is a little grey area that has to be threaded carefully.

Here, you are provided with those foods that have been linked to cancer after they have been tested and confirmed to be carcinogenic.

What Food Causes Cancer?

I want you to remember that you only have this one life to live and by watching out for the foods that will be listed here, you cut the risk of getting cancer by 20 to 40 percent, according to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard.

According to cancer research UK, eating healthier food choices reduces the possibility of being overweight. And it has been found that aside from smoking, obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer.

Also, choosing a healthy diet can reduce the risk of six different types of cancer, which are; lung, stomach, larynx, bowel, upper throat, and mouth cancer.

Awareness leads to victory

In 1991, the highest cancer mortality rate was recorded but, in the last twenty years, the mortality rate from cancer has dropped 25%, this figure is reported by the American cancer society.

What this figure means is that over 2.1 million deaths have been avoided during this time frame.

This decline is credited to the drop in smoking — which is the leading cause of cancer —, healthier lifestyle choices of people, and early detection and treatment, due to increased awareness about cancer.

The watch-word is “carcinogens”

According to Wikipedia, a carcinogen is any substance or radiation that promotes the formation of cancer.

Some foods become carcinogenic in the process of packaging, exposure to some form of radiation, contaminants in the form of pesticides and insecticides, and so on.

In the process of production or cultivation, some chemicals might be added to the product which can make the food unhealthy for human consumption.

Also, carcinogens are not in most cases immediately going to wreak havoc on the cells of the person that ingests them frequently.

Their effects of damaging the cells, altering cellular metabolism, and inducing malignant division might come about as a later result.

What Food causes Cancer?

The following are foods that should be on your watch-list when it comes to being cancer aware;

1. Saturated Fat

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), saturated fat is a type of fat that has some chemical properties and it is usually solid at room temperatures.

cheese that is being grated on a plank

Consumption of too much-saturated fat in early childhood has been linked with breast cancer by this study. Also, other cancers like colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer have been linked to the consumption of saturated fats by several case-control studies.

Although the association of saturated fats and these cancers were found to be weak and difficult to prove in epidemiological terms, it is still found to have SOME association.

Some examples of foods high in saturated fats include; cheese, butter, salami, the skin on poultry products like chicken, lard, and so on.

2. Genetically Modified Foods

These are more commonly known as GMOs. Most wheat, corn, and grains in the market nowadays have been genetically modified.

what food causes cancer tomato gmo

The problem with GMOs is that it is still a grey area that the consumers have a responsibility to tread carefully.

This is because the Government and the manufacturers of GMO-products have no way to test the adverse effects that these GMOs might have on the health of humans. It’s a matter of consuming them at your own risk.

A test that was carried out on rats by feeding them GMOs found that the rats showed damaged immune systems and cancerous cell growth after just ten days.

Although GMOs are not required to be listed by manufacturers on labels by law, the next time you are in the market for grains, make sure that the labels are checked very carefully for any mention of it, It is better to opt for GMO-free types of these foods.

The best way to protect yourself from GMOs is to opt for organically grown foods whenever the option is available to you.

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What Food Causes Cancer? 13 Food You Should Avoid
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