Umbilical Cord Fact You Don’t Know (Video)

You don’t know these facts!

The Umbilical Cord is the connection between mother and child from the early stages of pregnancy up until the very last day – if I am to put it in simple terms.

Its formation and eventual function helps in a whole lot of ways to keep mother and child in good health.

But there are 1001 things about the umbilical cord that people do not know, and that’s including mothers.

Umbilical Cord facts

You don’t believe me right?

Let me take you on a test then and see how well you do.

Did you know the umbilical cord is a combination of three vessels – two arteries and one vein?

The vein serves the purpose of supplying blood to the baby. The arteries perform the process of transferring waste products across the placenta to the bloodstream and then to the mother’s lungs, where it is passed out.

Did you know that?

Okay, I will take it that’s a bit of technical knowledge and not something everyone should know.

But did you know, some people burn the umbilical cord instead of the general practice of cutting?

Did you also know the umbilical cord could be used to treat life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other forms of cancer?

Lastly, you probably didn’t know the belly button is determined by the umbilical cord.

If this was a test, how many do you think you’d pass?

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I present you 8 Interesting Facts You Don’t know About The Umbilical Cord

We dare say you are informed now, but we still love to test your knowledge a little bit.

Already a parent, a parent-to-be, or want kids one day, this quiz was made just for you!

Ready for it?

Take this quick quiz:

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 15 seconds per question. Are you ready?


Fill in the blank of this nursery rhyme: ‘Hey diddle diddle, the ___ and the fiddle…’

Correct! Wrong!

If an infant or child is coughing, first let him or her try to release the object that may be obscuring his or her throat by him or herself.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the name of this group of men? (Try your best not to cheat!)

Correct! Wrong!

You need to help your children maintain a healthy, balanced diet! Which of these foods is high in calcium?

Correct! Wrong!

Which of these foods is high in potassium?

Correct! Wrong!


You should make a child vomit if you suspect he or she is suffering from poison.

Correct! Wrong!

Which of these foods is high in iron?

Correct! Wrong!

What unfortunate thing happens in the end of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme?

Correct! Wrong!

If a child suffers from a minor burn, what is the first thing you should immediately do?

Correct! Wrong!

Fill in the blank of this nursery rhyme: ‘Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a ____ in the sky.’

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Umbilical Cord Fact You Don’t Know (Video)
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