5 Tip For Traveling With Medical Marijuana

Thinking about traveling with medical marijuana? Don’t do it. It’s risky, and getting caught will mean jail time but this 5 tips should help you.

I suffer from severe migraine ever since my high school days. It’s horrible! When it hits, I can barely stand much less do anything else. Even to this day, I always carry medicine with me everywhere I go.

But the thing is, my medicine only works when I take it right at the onset. Anything later than that and I’m left writhing in pain in a fetal position until it passes.

It is for this reason that I opted to seek an alternative solution to my problem. I asked a couple of doctors, and they recommended medical marijuana. I was skeptical at first, thinking I might be breaking the law, but ever since my country legalized medical marijuana, I was convinced no harm shall come my way. I got my prescription filled at wholesale dispensary Canada-based companies and tried it the next time my migraine acted up.

To my surprise, it immediately stopped the pain from going too bad. I am one of the thousands of converts that think legalizing medical marijuana is going to do more good than harm.

And then I got invited to a wedding. It was out of the country — an illegal state. At first, I considered backing out from going, but I thought I couldn’t stop traveling just because the medicine I badly need is illegal in a region. So I did a little research about the best way to travel with medical marijuana and here’s what I found out.

Don’t Risk It!
The short answer if you should travel with medical marijuana is no, don’t do it. It’s risky, and getting caught will mean jail time. Almost all sites I looked up had this statement on some form or another at the top of the page. But the funny thing is despite this little caveat at the beginning of most articles; the writers still pushed on to recommend ways you can travel with medical marijuana.

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Before packing your bags, consider first how you’re going to travel because traveling with medical marijuana by air and by road has completely different challenges. It’s important that you prepare yourself for what’s going to come ahead.

By plane:

You might be thinking that traveling with your medical marijuana by air is going to be impossible what with all those sniffing dogs patrolling the airport. I have a little surprise for you; those dogs are not trained to sniff out drugs. They’re there for safety reasons, sniffing out bomb threats and the like. What will put you in huge trouble is getting caught.

All airports in the United States are under federal law, and under federal law, marijuana is still considered to be an illegal substance. But airport regulation has had to change their approach to catching people with medical marijuana in their luggage.

More often than not, if you’re caught with weed at an airport, the TSA will turn you over to the local authorities. If you’re at a legal state, they just let you go. If not, you’re headed for court.

If you really do have to travel by plane, say, you’re going abroad, or the place is too far to travel by car then there are certain tips you can follow in order to avoid detection:


  1. The most important one is to never bring buds or flowers with you on a plane. It is much too obvious. One glance, and everyone will know what it is. It’s safer to take other cannabis products that are a lot more discreet.


  1. Pack your medications together with toiletries and check-in your bag. Never carry medical marijuana into the plane with you. Putting them away in your toiletry will make people think they’re just any old medication should they choose to open your luggage.


  1. Never ever consume or smoke weed in an airplane. That is a federal offense on so many levels. You’re better off waiting to land before consuming medical marijuana. In the event of a long haul flight, you can bring tincture or edibles to take on the plane.


traveling by road - traveling with medical marijuana

By road:

Then there’s by road. Amongst all my research, they say that traveling by road with medical marijuana is the “safest” way. I put the word in quotes because if you’re caught, especially in an area where medical marijuana is illegal, you will find yourself in jail.

What I mean by safest is you have more freedom to hide it, and there’s not much policing that takes place while you’re driving, granted that you drive safe and follow traffic rules. Here are some tips:


  1. Pack it out of sight. This means throwing your medical marijuana in your luggage and throwing that in the trunk. You don’t want to be pulled over with your medication visible from the outside. And unless they have reason to open the trunk of your car, police can’t force you to open it.


  1. Never use while you’re driving. Marijuana might be legal in some states, but it is still an intoxicating substance, much like alcohol. Driving under its influence will put yourself and others at risk. Any amount of marijuana in your system is enough for the authorities to slap you with a DUI charge.


Pro Tip:

And one last pro tip, and this applies to air travel as well, is to always carry your prescription with you. In many places around the world, local authorities are becoming lenient with how they approach marijuana possession. They know it’s legal in some areas and people use it for their ailments. If you get caught carrying medical marijuana and have a doctor’s note to show for it, you might get off scot-free.

Wrap Up

Before we end this topic, I would like to reiterate that it is still very dangerous and risky to be carrying marijuana with you when you travel, medical or otherwise. Not many people are still open to the idea of a once illegal drug being used as medicine.

So play it safe and just leave it at home. You can go to your doctor for alternative medicines you can take with you, ideally something that is not a controlled substance.

This is Guest Blog by Eliza Brooks.

Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger and advocate of the legalization of cannabis, adores to expound on the health benefits of medical and recreational marijuana. She is currently working for High THC dispensary, a leading wholesale dispensary canada, which offers high-quality cannabis products all over the country.

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5 Tip For Traveling With Medical Marijuana
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