Do You Remember the Time You Were a Child?

I know you are getting old, but this are memories no one forgets, or did you?

Do You Remember the Time when life was easy?

Sorry, the wrong question, do you still recall when you were a child?

I don’t know about you but, I will never grow old at least not in my head.

I must confess I miss those days when you don’t have bills to worry about, no rent to pay, no relationship mess to deal with, there was nothing like “no food for lazy man” (and woman).

All we did was eat, play and sleep….. and then, rinse and repeat!

You remember now right?

When your momma calls to eat and forces you to sleep.


Do You Remember the Time You Were a Child
Do You Remember the Time You Were a Child?

Enough with the nostalgia?


You are here to bring back those feelings, those toys, and a whole lot from your childhood.

I know you will enjoy seeing these things again.

If you are ready, let’s take you down memory……


Ekona Gowon (hope I got the spelling correctly).

If you don’t know this sweet, there are about three things involved:

  1. You didn’t grow up in Nigeria
  2. You grew up somewhere I can’t mention.
  3. Or we are not your MATE!
Children's Day
Ekona Gowon

For those of us who still remember the time we had Ekona Gowon, this sweet along with this likes of Baba Dudu, Coconut Candy, Sisi Pelebe and so many I don’t recall will go down as one of the best things that happened to us as children.

Pity, it’s no longer a thing!

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The Old Packaging

One of the many things that have changed over the years is the look and feel of the products we’ve known as children.

Omo and Cadbury Bournvita (picture below) are good examples of those products.

I can’t say which is better but I can tell you I will do anything to have the old looks back.

1 2


The SMPTE color bars

I know you want to talk about the TV, but let’s do the rainbow colors first.

The SMPTE color bars NAIJA TV

You remember the time when TV stations used to start broadcast at 4pm?
When you see this signal on your TV screen, you know your favorite TV station is about to start broadcasting.

NTA News at 7.

Then, there is the TV.

There are 101 stories I can tell you about this television.

There is the NTA 2 song…

“Nta twoooooooooooo”

“Channel fiveeeeee”

“Your reach out station”

Then, there is the Antenna, when you have to control the quality of the pictures…. we call on the antenna.

E don clear?

Leave it!!!

Wait, turn it back, no no no a little to the right.

1 24

I know right, those were amazing times.

But we are just starting folks, there is more!!!


The Classic 504

The Peugeot 405 _ NAIJA vintage cars
The Peugeot 504

Oyibo people will call this car Vintage, but we call it…. old motor!

Yes, the Peugeot 504 is another part of my history I can’t forget. 

I recall one time, my granny’s neighbor refused me a ride in that car, for reasons I can’t recall.

The thing pain me die!!!

I can not forget that day, and it a proof of high we valued this ride then.

How I wish I can see that person’s face now (i just want to greet him oh)

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I don’t remember the name but I will call it “The Speed Blade”

This one, I have forgotten the name it is called.

I asked but no one can give me a particular name.

1 5

Anyways, I will name it the “Speed Blade”.

If you don’t like it, give am your own!

The process to get yourself one of these and what you could do with it, is what makes it fun and unforgettable.

There is also the chance you did cut someone or yourself with it….lol.


The Steel Box

1 6

This box too has got a unique name but I can’t seem to recall it.

Maybe you will help out with names in the comment section at the end of the post.


Fido Dido

Whatever happened to this 7UP character.

1 7

Who will forget the ads, where he is sliding up and down just to get a bottle of 7down…. sorry I mean 7UP.
See one of the many video ads below:


Sand Castle

The Sand Castle_ Children play
The Sand Castle

It will be a shame if kids don’t do this anymore.

I am definitely going to find out.

The sandcastle is another beautiful take from our worry-free years.

You can build anything with the sand but it can also be destroyed in seconds.

I can tell there were many fights because of that.

I am definitely going to build sandcastles with my kids.

Na wife remain to actualize the dream.


The Clay Pot

If you didn’t drink from the pot, your rituals aren’t complete.

1 9

Like it is mentioned in the image.

This is the original Thermacool.

I want to believe it is still very much a thing.

And those who didn’t drink from the pot, you better talk to old people around you or go to your home town to get a feel of what water in this pot taste like.


Another name I don’t remember

1 12

I am getting old and i know.

I don’t remember the name of this toy.

But i remember how to work it.

Water in it and you blow away!!!


I am not that old after-all.

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The Slate

1 15

I can forget the name of many things but no be this one.

The slate as it is popularly called then was one thing every Nigerian child used growing up.

I can’t help but remember the time when I used the slate.

It was a learning tool.

It was our TABLET!



1 16

I have a confession, I don’t know much about this game.

I used to and still see it as a female thing and didn’t mean as an offense then and now.

I see kids still doing the SUWE and it gives my joy, we still have part of our childhood flowing into the new age.

But sadly, the kids are those with not too educated parents.

Whatever happened to our graduates dem. 

I solemnly pledge to give it a trial in the not too distant future and also teach my kids.


The Stove

1 17

Some people call it “Gas Cooker”.
And I don’t blame them.
No, be the normal stove we all know.


The Lantern

remember the time the lantern

The Lantern is one relic that will forever remain a part of us.

In a country like Nigeria, where electricity is epileptic, the lantern served us really well before it was replaced by the candle.

The Lantern is a national hero, no story!

Take it or argue with your keyboard!

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The Cassette and the Biro

1 19

Just like it is mentioned in the image, you have to share this post if you know the connection between the two objects in the image.

But there is another one, image below…

1 19 2

If you know the function of this device, my brother and my sister, if you are not married, join me on Twitter/@haariyor let’s discuss how we can make money because me sef dey the boat.


And then this one

1 20

I don’t remember the name of this toy too but whatever is written in the image, don’t worry about it.

We are not that old.

But if you have to go to Shiloh, please go sha!!!


This one sef no get name abeg

1 23

Before we had PlayStation, this was our play-station.

And e make so much fun then.

There is another version of this game, where you don’t need to draw on a paper.

Just get your buttons, counters (if you know what this means, you are a HERO)



1 25

You probably know by now, I don’t know much about Girly things.

But I know the name of this doll and it is Babyyyyyy.

Wonder if it is still available in the market.


Back to School Set

1 32

You remember the time when Onward BIG exercise book, the drummer boy, Maths Set, Eze goes to school, Ruler, Pencil, BIRO, Sharper, Erasers and so many too numerous to mention; were part of your back to school kit?

1 26

If you don’t have these books and stuff, you are not ready for school.

remember the time you read this book

And for the yorubas, if you remember this book.

You sabi book!


Moin Moin

In a tin

Do you remember the time moin moin was cooked in a tin can

This moin moin has its unique taste.

If you don’t know what it tastes like, well I don’t know what to say.

1 31There might be health implications to using the tin can but to the best of my knowledge and from my research as the time of writing, I couldn’t find one.

But, no one can deny the fun in removing the moin moin from these cans.

The image below is proof, it’s still a practice in some Nigerian homes.How are you feeling right now?

Do you know remember the time?

Wanna go back to that time?

Think we missed anything?

Can you suggest the names things we forgot? please do so in the comments.

And don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, they deserve to remember too.


Do You Remember the Time You Were a Child?
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