#Odumeje: Top 11 Videos of the Controversial Pastor

You probably don’t know the name but i bet you’ve seen the face.

Controversial pastor, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere also known as Odumeje oftentimes makes the news for the “not so good” reasons.

His “church style” and ways to the things of God, in particular, as regards healing and deliverance sessions beg questions as to how he has remained unchecked by CAN despite the many inconvenient things he is known for.

Who is Pastor Odumeje?

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere alias Odumeje ‘The Lion’ is an Anambra-based controversial and radical Nigerian pastor, prophet, founder and the president of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry inc., a.k.a the Land of Freedom, situated in Onitsha, Anambra state.

Pastor Odumeje Videos
Image Credit: Factboyz.com

The first time I saw his video, I thought he is an entertainer, and I mean no blasphemy. If you’ve seen his videos, you’d probably agree with me.

But if you are like the many who don’t know much about this spiritual figure, then you are in the right place.

We have collected some of his best “performing” videos, and hopefully at the end of this post, you’d share what you think of Pastor Odumeje and tell if my “entertainer” comment is appropriate, wrong or if i am just disrespectful to this man of God.

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See the videos below:


You will have to forgive the quality of this video, nonetheless, the audio is good enough for you to pick what the pastor is saying.

You will hear things like: “Anything can happening” 😂; “the baby boy can enten-ing”😂


And i have someone who agrees watching “The Lion” can be a lot of fun


Oya, what do you call this?

High-life Maestro? 😂


And when a pastor is mentioned in same sentence with Speed Darlington….. Well




This was not supposed to make the cut but i couldn’t help it


Someone said he warned us about 2020….. But whoever hissed at the end of that video, i comment my reserve.


I will kill you by connecting you (fear dey don catch me)


I also don’t know what to call this!


I am the Lion himself
The Indaboski, Bahose
The dabuskabash
The lebadu, sepre and the lamande
The Abidoshika
The War Himself


See translations below the video

This is the meaning according to twitter user, Maxwell Blier 

Pastor Odumeje Meaning of words spoken in video
Image Credit: https://twitter.com/BlierMaxwell002/

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Okay, okay….. I know i mentioned 11 video but you can stop if you are not enjoying the videos, if you are, see more below:


You know Nigerians can’t resist things that will make them laugh.

Some people (including Mr Eazi) had to show us they can do as much as “The Lion”.

When Odumeje Pastor Jammed The Real Lion Himself 😄 😄 😄

Now let’s take a vote….

What should we call Odumeje?



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#Odumeje: Top 11 Videos of the Controversial Pastor
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