Top 10 Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

It is a known fact – what we eat plays an important role in how we gain and lose weight, making natural herbs a perfect choice to burn excess fats.

Gaining weight is one of the easiest thing we do as human but weight loss on the other hand is the real struggle. In this post, we discuss the top natural herbs for weight loss.

Losing weight can be very difficult and this is due to a number of factors like genetics, not getting enough sleep, medication, our daily routine, hormonal fluctuation, how we work out, and our diet – with diet playing a very, very important role.

It is a known fact – what we put into our system plays an important role in how we gain and lose weight; therefore making natural herbs for weight loss a perfect choice to burn those excess fats.

Top 10 Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

Why should I Lose Weight?

Although i don’t think anyone needs a reason to make losing weight a thing of priority but if you need one or you need it to serve as motivation, below are a few excuses for you to burn those excess body fats according to the guys at EatThis, NotThat:

  • Better Finances – One thing about weight gain is, it will cost you money and a lot of money too. Think about how much you’ve spent buying junk foods, compare that to cooking at home. I am certain the math suggest cooking at home cost you less and another – don’t forget it makes you healthier too.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer – Do you know obesity is linked to cancer? Read Cancer causing foods to learn more on the food you eat daily that could put you at risk of cancer.
  • Better Sleep – Losing weight means eating healthy and a healthy diet will help you have better sleep. Poor diet digest quickly and makes you hunger for more which on the long term will negatively affect your sleep.
  • Improved Memory – Wondering why you forget people’s name, numbers or events? Well, extra weight and fructose – a major ingredient in sweetened food has been linked as one of the reasons we forget things.
  • More Energy – Because you eat healthy and better, your energy level are maintained; add that to less body weight.
  • Loosing Weight could benefit Your Family and Friends – A research by the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that when a friend of yours becomes obese, it increases your probability of obesity by 57 percent. Confirming that friendship plays a key role when it comes to weight gain and/or loosing weight. When you loose weight, people around you take note and it might encourage them to do same. See more reasons to lose weight here.

Why go Natural for Weight Loss

The simple answer would be – why not? It is natural herbs, meaning they ain’t chemically altered. They have no side effects – when used properly; most of them will boost your metabolism, and in that process help you burn those excess fat faster and easier.

According to a 2015 study, when we talk of weight loss, a good exercise regime and a healthy diet is key.

However, if we are looking to pick one over the other, diet wins, as the study concluded that calorie control is important if you want to lose weight, it is also worth noting, that exercise increases appetite in many people.

Below are the Top 10 Natural Herbs for Weight Loss


Cinnamon natural herb for weight loss

This is one natural herbs that has proven to be of one the best natural weight loss recipe. It moves fat from the liver so it can be used for energy.

Cinnamon helps in stabilizing and regulating of blood sugar level, it helps to curb our cravings for food, slows food absorption and keeps us fuller for longer.

Cinnamon also carries anti-fungal properties that may help to kill parasites and yeast growth which will facilitate weight loss.

It is important to note that Cinnamon can trigger allergic reaction in some people, it is therefore advised to not use regularly during pregnancy.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean weight loss benefit

Chlorogenic acid, a natural compound found in the green coffee bean has been proven to help with weight loss.

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This compound increases fat absorption and in that process stops weight gain.

A research on this natural herb showed people who supplemented with it over a twelve week duration, lost about 17 pounds of weight.

You make tea from the the green coffee bean extract and drink daily.

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Top 10 Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

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