Between Motara and the Guy she refused to date

When we tell you the best place to be is twitter, this is another proof.

Twitter users, Motara and Onyeoma Kaycee served us some juicy amebo take.

It started early on that faithful morning when the news broke that Funke Akindele hosted guest at her house, as she celebrated her husband’s birthday amid the coronavirus lock-down.

She was partying against Presidential order, yes and it’s no longer a big deal I guess!

On the guest list were the likes of Naira Marley and Eniola Badmus.

The police eventually invited Jenifa and her husband JJC (to put it nicely, but you know say na arrest dem arrest them).

They were taken to court and eventually fined – na just the lockdown dey delay their street sweeping.

There are other reports that Naira Marley initially japa-ed😂.

But he later shows face, had his day in court and you know the rest of the story.

Between Motara and the Guy she refused to dateJJC Skillz/ Twitter

But that is not the gist!

Motara, reacted to the news and it started the brand new show on that episode of what’s trending on twitter.

Below is the tweet that started it all:

Tweeps gave her their opinion and as you’d expect, they gave it to her like they always do, trust Twitter NG.




Twitter amebo

Then, brother Kaycee 🚶🚶🚶 walked in……


And that was how it started….

Are you ready for this?


It appears, bro Kaycee and sister Morata… sorry Motara, shared something but the bros is still feeling some kind of pain or is that not the case?


Okay! okay just like you, I am getting the picture now 😉

M*o*t*a*r*a is proud of herself and in her defense, food is indeed life!!!


But she mentioned cookie; please what is cookie, it’s a type of food, right?

Motara is wicked sha, kaycee bought you food but you don’t want to give him foooood in return, why??!!!!

Meanwhile, fast food is not good for your health, read why >> 8 Little Known Devastating Health Problems caused by Fast Foods


Online orphanage😲 bawo?! Kaycee get bad mouth mbok, no wonder she didn’t give you cookie😂

And someone said this is OmOtara right now…….

Then Miss Peters stepped in so we can understand this gist better.

This is a thread.








Thank you for the update, Miss Peters of the house of Aproko, first of her name Amebo summarizer…… Na play oh, please don’t summarize my matter.

She wants to know what Kaycee wants, i think i know the answer but i am not allowed to tell sha.


Thank God, kaycee has forgotten about the whole episode but he just had to mention it again sha. Brother kaycee weldone. You are doing well!

And we have come to the end of today’s episode of what’s trending on Twitter.

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Between Motara and the Guy she refused to date
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