How To Cook Rice: The Untold Secret

Best Practices on how to cook White, Coconut, Party Jollof & Fried Rice.

How to Cook Rice?

White, coconut, party jollof or fried?

If it was just white rice, maybe you wouldn’t be reading this.

There are more 101 ways to cook rice and you and I will be exploring that today, we will touch the best practice for great tasting rice.

Be it rice for your home or a big party.

After you read my tutorial and take the instructions on how to cook most kind of rice to heart, you be head above the rest.

But before I dive into the details, here are a few things you should know about RICE.

– Did you know the Chinese used rice to hold the Great Walls of China together? Yes, the rice you eat almost every day is one of the materials holding the world’s longest walls together, you want to know how? click here.

– All white rice was initially brown, the outer layer was simply removed and polished.

– There are about 8 continents in the world and rice is grown on all but one, the only continent rice doesn’t grow on, is Antarctica.

– A seed of rice can be used to grow over 3,000 grains hence the ease to grow anywhere. 

– In 2015, about 300 chefs convened in Yanzhou, China, and broke the world record for the largest bowl of fried rice ever made. They made one yummy bowl of Yangzhou fried rice, it was prepared with vegetables, eggs, shrimp, chicken, ham, and dried scallops, the end product was a bowl rice that weighed about 4192 kilograms. It didn’t end as you’d expect though, it happened that some of the rice was not safe for human consumption and was sent to pig farms. What a waste!!

Now, let’s get to the business of cooking.

How to cook rice

How to Cook Party Standard Jollof Rice


– Rice.

– Tomatoes, scotch bonnet pepper (Atarodo), Cayenne pepper(Shombo), onions.. (All grounded smoothly).

– Stock water from your chicken, turkey, or beef.

– Tomato paste (Derica/Gino).

– Bay leaves.

– Seasoning, curry, and thyme.

– Margarine.

– Vegetable oil.

– Sliced tomatoes and onions.

– You must use cayenne pepper (shombo), it gives jollof rice that reddish look and also makes it more delicious😀.

– You might want to steam your pepper puree before using it for your jollof rice.

– But in this case, I won’t be using steamed pepper puree.

Jollof Rice

Tip: Do not use an iron spoon to stir anything concerning your jollof rice to avoid it from burning too early, use a wooden spoon instead.


– Get a clean pot, place it on fire and dry off, if there’s water in it.

– On the other face of your cooker, put a kettle of water, and leave to boil.

– Add your vegetable oil and margarine, then leave for 30 seconds.

– Now add some of your sliced onions and tomatoes.

Tip: You should fry your sliced tomatoes cause adding fresh tomatoes when rice is almost done or done, spoils the rice easily when not well preserved.

– Add your tomato paste also and stir fry for 3 minutes.

– Now pour in your blended pepper.

– Add in your stock water, seasoning, and salt to taste(be careful while adding these cause your stock water already contained them).

– Add curry, thyme, and bay leaves (do not add too much bay leaves, too much of it gives a slightly bitter taste).

– Cover and leave to cook for 20minutes.

– You know your pepper base is well cooked from the smell and when you see oil swimming on your pepper😀.

– Now pour in your well-washed rice, and stir for 3minutes.

– Add your boiled water, stir and cover to cook till its well done.

– Do not add too much water at once to avoid your jollof rice from turning to a mash, keep adding little by little until jollof rice is well cooked.

For that party jollof rice taste, when rice is done, reduce fire and leave to burn for about 5minutes.

– Add the remaining part of your sliced tomatoes (if you want)and onions.

– Stir, cover to steam for some minutes.

– Jollof rice is fully done, serve.

Recipe for Fried rice

fried Rice


– Rice

– Carrots

– Green peas

– Spring onions

– Runner beans

– Red bell pepper

– Green bell pepper

– Curry

– Thyme

– Liver

– Fried rice spice

– Stock water

– Salt to taste

– Seasoning cubes

– Garlic and ginger paste


– Parboil the rice for 20 minutes

– Pour the stock water that can completely cook the rice in the emptied pot, add curry, thyme, spicy, salt and seasoning cubes.

– Pour in the parboiled rice and stir in. Allow it cook under a reduced light while the green peas seed is added to soften it.

– Pour your vegetable oil in the sauce pan, when heated add in the ginger and garlic paste, then all other veggies should follow with a pinch of salt and seasoning added. Fry for just 2 minutes.

– Lastly add the fried veggies in the cooked rice and stir in well.

– Leave it to steam for like 2 minutes and you are good to serve.

– The sweetcorn , kidney beans and can peas are just to garnish it after cooking.

Recipe for Coconut rice

coconut Rice


– Rice

– Coconut

– Maggi & salt

– Onion

– Coconut rice spice

– Curry & thyme (The curry has a way of changing its color to that of fried rice,so it’s optional)

– Fresh pepper

– Groundnut oil

– Dry fish

– Crayfish

– Diced meat

– Coconut spice

– Water


– Break, wash and grate the coconut.

– Pour cold water into the grated coconut then use a sieve to drain/extract the coconut water.

– Squeeze the shaft of the coconut so all the juice can come out of it then throw the shaft away.

– Pour the coconut water extract into a clean pot and place on fire.

– Add two spoons of groundnut oil to the pot and stir.

– Add your diced onion allow it to boil for 2min then add your grounded pepper,grounded crayfish, curry, thyme, maggi and salt, then stir and allow to boil for 5mins.

– Pour your par boiled rice into the boiling water,cover and allow it to boil.

– When your rice is almost ready add your boiled diced meat and dry fish😋

– When your rice is soft reduce the heat of your gas and add your chopped veggies stir & allow it for 1min.

Your Coconut rice is ready😊

How to Cook White Rice


You still want to learn how to cook white rice?

No problem though, but i won’t be typing.

There is a video on YouTube on how to cook white rice here.

Bon appetit.

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