8 Little Known Devastating Health Problems caused by Fast Foods

What makes fast foods dangerous for your health?

It’s a pity nowadays that a lot of people do not pay attention to the kind of food they put into their body. Most people are not privy to the health problems caused by fast foods.

Throughout history, from civilizations to civilizations, food has been sustenance to our species. Food is the fuel that powers the human body. Think of it as a simple case of getting gas for your automobiles.

health problems caused by fast foods

There are some fuels that are low standard or counterfeit and by putting them in your cars, the engine might start developing unusual faults. On the other hand, premium gasoline makes the engine more efficient and durable.

Fast foods which are sometimes referred to as junk foods are everything that represents the bad kind of fuel for the body.

Fast World, Fast Lives, Fast Foods

Over the years, the world has gotten LITERALLY fast. We are always in a hurry to get from something to something else.

In between our nine to fivers, family obligations, the time we spend entertaining ourselves, there isn’t much time left for much else. In some regions of the world, home cooking from scratch is actually getting extinct.

The fast-food industry has picked up on this need for people to “eat conveniently”, “eat deliciously” and “eat fast” at the same time. They are using the age-old, ever so effective economic rule of filling the supply of a very demanding society.

The convenience-on-demand can range from driving through your favorite fast food place and having your order ready within minutes to placing a call order from your home and having a pizza delivered.

What makes fast foods dangerous for your health?

What makes fast foods dangerous for your health?

In order to compensate for the deliciousness of the menu served at fast food joints, the ingredient compositions of most fast foods are devastating to health.

On top of that, these fast food companies would want to turn a profit at the end of the year, so, over the years, they have learned to cut cost and compromise in production at the risk of the health of the consumers.

These fast foods are processed, they contain artificial sweeteners, ridiculously high sodium content, trans-fat, and to top it all, dangerous preservatives are used to prevent the foods from going bad.

The adverse health conditions caused by these processes are dramatic and alarming and serious attention needs to be paid to them.

The effects are not only limited to the physical, they also spill over to mental health issues and even emotional health issues.

What qualifies as fast/junk foods?

Before we go on to list those health problems, let’s take a quick detour to quickly access what qualifies as junk/fast foods.

According to Dr. Fuhrman in his book Fast Food Genocide, fast foods are anything wrapped in bags, box, or a wrapper.

Examples of fast foods are fries, soda (Coca-cola, Pepsi), energy bars, energy drinks, cookies, cakes, candy, processed snack foods, foods made with white flour, cheese, bagels and the list goes on.

With this list, it is pretty clear that it is not only foods bought at fast food joints that are junk. Fast foods, processed foods, and snacks are all in the junk category.

Over the counter indulgences like sweets, lunching snacks, biscuits also fall into this category.

After a long look at the menu at fast food joints, foods that can be “remotely” classified as “healthy” are salads and chickens. But before you start adding those to your purchase list, I want you to know that those “chickens” are actually about 50% chicken.

A recent DNA testing of the meat from fast food places found that fast-food chickens contain “a quarter less protein” than chicken cooked in homes. Also, fast-food chickens have sodium levels that are between seven to ten times more than what was found in conventional chickens.

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The vegetables that fast-food chains often serve are not close to being totally organic. These are GMO, pesticide, and insecticide laden vegetables that are grown in a not so ideal condition. Also, preservatives would have been used on these products which would make it more devastating.

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8 Little Known Devastating Health Problems caused by Fast Foods
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