7 Things You Need to Know About Flying With CBD

Flying with CBD has been a common theme.

CBD has been making headlines in recent years thanks in part to countries like Canada and some states in the US lifting their ban on the substance. All this development made people curious about CBD and if they could use it for different purposes.

Flying with CBD has been a common theme in what people have been asking about the product. There are many blogs explaining its legalities. Others say it’s fine to be brought into the plane; others advise against it. This article is hoping to summarize all the information down to 7 key points to remember when it comes to flying with CBD.

7 Things You Need to Know About Flying With CBD
Flying with CBD has been a common theme
  1. Perfect for the nervous flyer

For nervous flyers, CBD might just be the product for them if they don’t want to take anti-anxiety meds or self-medicate with alcohol. What’s great about CBD is it doesn’t knock people out as sleeping pills does nor does it make people act abnormally in flight.

A lot of cannabis products labeled as medical marijuana for insomnia can be used for nervous flyers. CBD is known to be able to calm down nerves and help manage symptoms of anxiety especially for those with flying phobias. I even received a few tips suggesting that I take CBD even before I get to the airport so I don’t get stressed out with all the airport activities.

If you do have a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, it’s vital to always carry it with you in and out the plane.

  1. Great for jet-setting pets

It’s not very common to see pets in the plane, although many airlines have begun allowing them in the cabin if they are certified emotional support animals. Most pets flown by their owners are sent into the belly of the plane along with all the cargo. It’s safe to say that traveling with the entire luggage isn’t the best experience for the poor animals.

CBD is not only effective at calming the nerves of humans, but it can be used for anxious pets as well. It won’t knock them out like those commonly recommended medications by vets and airlines, CBD can make the flying experience more bearable.

  1. It can still get you into trouble

If you live in a state or country with a very relaxing and friendly approach to cannabis and its products, it can be easy to forget that even the non-psychoactive cannabis products have a complicated legal status in other parts of the world.

While carrying CBD into an airport in a legal country or state might be harmless, if you do it where it is illegal and you get caught, you’ll land yourself in jail. Airport security doesn’t actively look for such substance in people’s luggage, it still means you have to be careful. It’s best that you weigh your options carefully. Consider the situation and whether or not it’s worth the risk.

  1. Flying with CBD is easier now

While there is still an associated risk flying with a controversial substance, it’s still a lot easier than say a few decades back. Airport personal aren’t too concerned with people bringing CBD oils or gummies with them in their carry-on, focusing instead on more dangerous threats like weapons and bombs.

But to be on the safe side, go for CBD products that aren’t too obvious as cannabis products. Maybe go for oils or tinctures in nondescript bottles or containers that airport personnel will mistake for as regular medication or toiletries. Never ever attempt to bring marijuana flowers with you on the plane. It’s far too risky and obvious, especially if you’re flying from or going to an illegal state.

  1. Research CBD’s status

The law in the US and Canada when it comes to CBD is a lot easier to digest for consumers, retailers, and growers. Its international status, however, is far more complicated. Just like you would be cautious when transporting CBD across different states, you should be extra careful when doing it across international borders. Not every country will honor your medical marijuana license nor will they take your word if you tell them you need it for your medical condition. In some countries, they will throw you in jail and prosecute for drug smuggling.

So do your research before attempting to fly with CBD. The last thing you want is for your vacation to be spoiled by being behind bars in a foreign country. Never ever attempt to bring CBD or any cannabis products if you’re flying into the Middle East where they prosecute anyone with CBD, even minimal amounts, with a jail sentence of up to four years.

  1. Pack it right

Assuming that you’ve already done your research on about CBD regulations in every airport you are going to be passing through and how to avoid contact with law enforcement in and out of the airport when you’re carrying CBD, the next thing you would have to concern yourself with is how to pack your products correctly. Remember to pay attention to airport rules about liquid so if you’re carrying CBD oil or vape juice that it is less than 100ml and that it is in a clear container.

Vape pens that are battery powered are not to be checked in with your luggage so just bring them with you into the plane cabin.

Speaking of vape, if you prefer consuming CBD through vaping, I advise you to use another method if you will be flying. Airports and airlines have a very strict rule about smoking in flight, CBD or not. Even plane lavatories come equipped with smoke detectors. Just put your vape away in your carry-on and eat some gummies or have some oil.

  1. Consider buying at your destination

If you are a worrier and the thought of landing yourself in jail because of CBD is causing you tremendous anxiety, how about buying them at your destination. Not every country has CBD available but if you’re traveling somewhere where you can get your hands on some, just get it there instead of getting wound up about bringing it in flight with you.


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This is Guest Blog by Eliza Brooks.

Eliza Brooks, an avid blogger and advocate of the legalization of cannabis, loves to write about health, fitness, and travel. She is currently working with ApolloClinic which offers medical marijuana prescriptions, helping thousands of Canadians gain access to medical marijuana for insomnia.

7 Things You Need to Know About Flying With CBD

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