Why the Female S3x Robot could be Deadly

Sex robots (doll) are becoming so realistic and sophisticated that makers now claim customers nurture dreams of marrying them.

Blay Whitby is a philosopher who cares about the social impact of emerging technologies, he is popular for degrading robots in the media and that might be just what we all need to start doing.

Especially when it relates to sex dolls.

Sex robots (doll) are becoming so realistic and sophisticated that makers now claim customers nurture dreams of marrying them.

That represents a dangerous trend – one that can harm people.

Cyber-security experts have issued a strange warning that these robots can one day kill their owners, if hackers reach their heads.

In August 2017, tech billionaire Elon Musk, claimed, there is a strong possibility Artificial Intelligence could take over the world and there are many others like him who share similar views about what is now termed “Killer Tech”.

Sex Robots could be hacked and re-programmed to Kill

With sex robots increasingly becoming popular and sophisticated, Dr. Nick Paterson of the Cybersecurity Conference revealed that realistic dolls could end up being “devastating” for the United States and as a matter of fact, the rest of the world, as they could end up going all “Terminator” on us.

With sex robots, the danger is not that love dolls will eventually develop their minds.

Instead, the risk is that, hackers could breach the robots’ internal defense systems and catch their owners’ pants down.

Dr. Patterson further stated that hacking into many modern robots, which includes sex-bots, will be a breeze compared to more sophisticated devices such as computers and cell phones.

Female Sex Robot Could be Dangerous Even Beyond Your Imagination
Ricky Ma, a 42 year old Hong Kong-based man who has no formal training in robots, spent £35,000 to create a robotic woman – an exact replica of Scarlett Johannson.The ‘Mark 1’ | Image Credit: Bobby Yip / Reuters

Dr. Nick Paterson, a tech expert from Deakin University in Australia continues…

“Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs, and other attached tools like knives or welding devices. Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can issue instructions to the robot.”

These admonitions may come out a little over the top.

What you must know however is – sex robots/dolls are powered by an operating system just like your mobile phones and/or Computers and as with all devices, if that system is ever connected to the internet, then it becomes possible for hackers to break into it.

The last thing you want is for a hacker to have control over one of these robots.

Once hacked, they could be used to perform physical actions for an advantageous scenario or to cause damage.

But its beyond the TECHNOLOGICAL downside

The BBC published earlier this year, the findings of US researchers on the dangers of sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI).

The researchers claim this tech could cause “psychological and moral threat to individuals and society”.

They want regulatory bodies to look into these robots and prevent their “unregulated” usage.

Dr Christine Hendren of Duke University told BBC News that “the stakes were high”.

“Some robots are programmed to protest, to create a rape scenario.

“Some are designed to look like children.

“One developer of these in Japan is a self-confessed paedophile, who says that this device is a prophylactic against him ever hurting a real child.

“But does that normalize and give people a chance to practice these behaviors that should be treated by just stamping them out?”

There are lot of questions that need answers as regard this new technology, hopefully the government will pay attention and take appropriate action soon.

What about the Robot?

The sex dolls are a big deal right now.

They cost more than 20 percent of the average American salary in 2019.

Realrobitix, are the makers of the Realbotix harmony doll.

The harmony doll is deigned with a unique sensory headboard and motorized servos capable of moving the neck, jaw, mouth and eyes, and costs around $10,000.

It can do a lot more, check the video below to see more:

Video Credit: CNet

It’s advised you sort out your relationship problems than opt for a doll.

Need i say, there are other ways to please yourself?

If you are thinking, what did i just say and have to know about it, check the advantage of masturbating here.

Why the Female S3x Robot could be Deadly
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