17 Different Types of Headaches and What they Mean

There are about 150 documented different types of headaches. See its meaning so you’d know what to do next time you feel one

The different types of headaches could be classified based on the location of the pain in the head, what triggers the headache, and the type of symptoms it is presenting.

Headaches are a common occurrence all around.

Most of the times, headaches are a continuous pain in any region of the head.

Scientists recently discovered the pain we feel in the head when we experience headaches, are due to the pain signals the nerves and tissues surrounding the brain are sending to it.

If you are ready, let’s explore 17 Different Types of Headaches and what they mean.

types of headaches and what they mean

The mistake most people make, is they don’t know that there are different headaches aside from migraines.

Some people can’t actually explore which kind of headache they are having and they start popping pills at the slightest sign of pain in their head.

There are about 150 documented types of headaches.

So, we aim to explain the different headaches, that are most common and what they mean so that next time you experience one of those, you know the best course of treatment.

1. Drug rebound headaches

Drug rebound headache is number one on our list of different types of headaches.

This can range from substance abuse to the normal over the counter drug prescriptions.

Someone consuming any type of drug can experience a sought of kick-back in the form of a headache.

If we take note of the drugs we consume on a regular basis, some would have been specified headaches as a side effects.

Common examples of drugs that cause rebound headaches are aspirin, codeine, ibuprofen, caffeine-containing drugs (or other food substances like coffee, soda and so on) some ulcer treatment drugs and so on.

Also, aside from being caused by being a side effect of a drug, rebound headaches can also be caused by the over-use of a drug or wrong-use (not using as prescribed by the physician).

These headaches are characterized by a persistent headache throughout the day, reoccur every morning when we wake up, and their presentation often mimics other forms of headaches.

When next you are experiencing a form of a headache, before reaching for the drug cabinet to take more drugs, if you are currently on a particular drug, it’s probably best to read the pamphlet of the drug you are currently taking to make sure one of the side effects of that drug is not a headache.

2. Magnesium deficiency headaches

Magnesium deficiency headaches

Magnesium is an important mineral for the body. It promotes a deep sleep, it regulates the blood pressure level, it is essential for the health and strength of the body bones and body muscles and the list of the importance of magnesium for the body goes on.

When the body is lacking this vital mineral, one of the symptoms that can be presented is a headache.

This headache is often an intense form of a migraine headache accompanied by a lot of pain. This headache can also result in nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

The best course of treatment for this type of headache is to try to replenish magnesium in the body.

This can be done by eating foods that are packed with magnesium.

Examples of such foods are legumes, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

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3. Sinus Headaches

The pain experienced with this type of headache is usually related to the nasal area.

It is a rare type of headache that is not commonly seen in people.

The pain intensity increases as the day go by.

The pain is normally accompanied by a runny nose and its source is usually from a form of infection like a sinus infection.

The best course of treatment for this type of headache is through the use of antibiotics.

When the infection causing the headache is gone, the headache also goes away.

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17 Different Types of Headaches and What they Mean
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