Didier Drogba: I asked Juan Mata, “Maestro, help me win the Champions League“

Didier Drogba shares behind the scenes story of how Frank Lampard, John Terry and Co turned things around to win Chelsea’s first Champions League.

I remember that night in Munich, that header, the penalties, the initial heartbreak, that wicked Thomas Muller’s goal.

I thought it was over, I remember people telling me it was!


Then Juan Mata stepped up to take Chelsea’s first corner of the game, Jerome Boateng pushed Didier Drogba towards the ball and he directed it into the net.

Image Credit: EG24 News

It was like a dream, it felt like magic!

Extra time and double D thought he had gone from Hero to Zero after he kicked Frank Ribery in the 18-yard to gift Bayern Munich a penalty in extra time, former Chelsea star Arjen Robben stepped up.






Arjen Robben penalty was saved by Petr Cech.

Video Credit: Oranje13

That day was assigned to be the DAY!

It was to be the day, Drogba and co would seal their status as legends of this great London club and first-ever Blues to win the Big Ear Trophy.

But how did they do it?

This was a team that was in horrible form earlier on in the season.

They had lost 3-1 away at Napoli.

Only to pull one of the best comebacks in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

Didier Drogba decided to share what happened behind the scenes after that horrible game in Italy.

And how the miracle of Munich happened.

Chelsea had sacked Andre Villas-Boas after the 3-1 defeat against Napoli, but the players felt, it was partly their fault and rightly so too.

But they weren’t going to give up now, instead, they decided to tell themselves the truth and fight.

didier drogba shares how CHELSEA WON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012
Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/

And at that point, they felt they could not give up.

And letting go of their pride was the beginning of the whole process.

Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/

Drogba had to ask for help from a younger Juan Mata, even though it sounded like he was not in his right senses.

But there is wisdom in experience and Didier just had to ask.

MoralNobody is useless, no matter how little or inconsequential.

Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/
didier drogba shares how CHELSEA WON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012
Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/


And when all hope was lost in the finals, that young man (Juan Mata) was hoping Drogba wouldn’t give up and urged him to BELIEVE.


This is beautiful!!!


Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/

An experience, previous failure(s) would play in our head when we are at the edge of that breakthrough, but the power of positive thinking and energy can’t be over-emphasized.

Juan Mata sent Chelsea’s first corner of that game to Drogba and the rest like he mentioned, is H I S T O R Y.

Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/

There was a twist in the tale, one, Drogba probably didn’t want to mention or failed to remember.

Juan Mata was the first player on Chelsea’s list in the penalty shoot-out and he missed.

Petr Cech had to save two penalties.

Drogba was the last and his kick won them the Champions League.

That is another lesson, the power of teamwork.

But the ultimate lesson is to ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!!

Image Credit: Twitter.com/didierdrogba/

Don’t ever give up on your dreams no matter the setbacks.

This is a lesson for you and me, no dream is too big.


To Dare is to Do!

That is so Spursy i know, but you should be like Chelsea!

I know you’d like to relive that moment.

Below is the highlight of that game.

Enjoy yourself!

Video Credit: UEFA

If you have time and would love to see more amazing Chelsea moments, like Fernando Torres goal against Barcelona that sent Chelsea into the final, check the video below.

Remember Oscar and his Champions League goal against Juventus?

Well, you won’t see that one, he did one better in the Champions League that same season, that goal, the long-range strike Nemanja Matic pulled out of nowhere against Tottenham in the FA Cup semifinals, and many more are in Chelsea most memorable long-range goals below.

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Didier Drogba: I asked Juan Mata, “Maestro, help me win the Champions League“
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