Cheating Girlfriend: The Sad & Hilarious Stories

Women are bad too!

You don’t have a cheating girlfriend?

You are certain girls don’t cheat?

Maybe yours don’t, but don’t ever put your money on a girl not cheating.

I am certain these guys felt the same way until it blew up in their faces.

Women are bad too, even more than they make men appear and these cheating girlfriend stories prove it.

The general sentiment is about guys and how they are polygamous, how they can’t control “the snake” between their legs, how they can’t stick to one girl, how much they lie…. blah blah and blah.

cheating girlfriend meme

That narrative is about to change, with the evidence I am about to provide you.

I stumbled on a post on the subreddit, SuicideWatch. It’s the story of a suicidal 18-year-old boy, who falls in love with a 16-year old virgin girl and promised her there will be no sex until she is ready.

Long story short, boy discovered girl cheats, but that’s not  the problem.

She is not with one male partner, girl is sleeping with over 6 different boys and even brought one to the apartment they both shared.

This is just one of the many sad tales, of how females have treated their male lovers badly.

But Men are SCUM!

The stories below are real people sharing true stories of how wicked and heartless girls can be.

However, before we dive into the stories, there are few things you should know about women and their sexuality.

A friend once mentioned to me that women love “the bedroom action” more than men and I had to dig.

In my research, I found out the general idea that male folks think about and demand sex more is stereotype than it is a fact.

In a recent survey by Kindara – a fertility app, it was discovered that 53 percent of women were not having sex as much as they would have liked. Almost three-quarters of respondents wished they had sex at least three times a week.

I trust some to deny this one too.

Now to the cheating girlfriend meme….

How did you find out you were being cheated on and What did you do after?

A twitter user, Lammss asked this simple question and the response shocked me, and everyone who saw that thread. Be prepared, you will be shocked too.

Note: The focus of this post is the response of the men whose girlfriend cheated, you should subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the female version.

I enjoyed it last night.

cheating girlfriend

5 years relationship ended after guy finds out male BFF got her pregnant TWICE and made her abort it.

Housed her mom in his house BUT her mom has got a P**NIS.

cheating girlfriend meme

Cheating Girlfriend to another guy: “That’s the stupid guy I told you about”.

The girl of the guy screwing his girlfriend informed him.


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After saving money with friends for months to give her a special birthday treat, turns out she is got a Bigger Guy.

This boyfriend turned errand boy.

cheating girlfriend

Another guy promised his cheating girlfriend a phone, unfortunately, Nungua didn’t complete the story.

Talking about flipping the script.

The other guy to the supposed Boyfriend: Why are you calling my girlfriend at this hour? 

But cheating girlfriend says it was a prank.

Spirit-filled son of Duru always feels it when he’s got a cheating girlfriend. 

Michael is not her LOVER

“He didn’t touch you?” 

This sister has got a child with another man who warned Mr. John to stay away but she loves him. 

Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

Between Motara and the Guy she refused to date

Why the Female S3x Robot could be Deadly?

Do You Remember the Time You Were a Child?

Baby meets Uncle.

She got married weeks after meeting his mom.

“It was just once”.

Another confession but Shinigami has finished his food.


This sister was caught “in the web”.

Lol….. First bank enjoyed last night

Happy Birthday Akanji except, his name isn’t Akanji.

Cheated because Bel Air Prince was too cute for her.

Ola = Ade according to this sister.

The choir leader, the spiritual leader wants some sexy pictures.

From Ivory Coast with LOVE, to his bed only to hear she got married the following month. CRAZY!

You can only imagine that experience and how badly it will damage this man, like he mentioned, trusting another woman (or man) would be difficult from that point.

Fortunately, he has moved on and we are hoping he will inform us of his wedding plans soon.

These cheating girlfriend stories are proof no gender is a saint in the matters of the heart.

This is enough to show women are bad at breaking hearts just as they make men appear and I can argue they are even better at it.

It’s an established fact guys are equally evil and we will publishing that version of this stories soon. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it.

But as much we can condemn people who cheat, we also have to ask ourselves certain questions.

And be sincere with our response(s).

Am i doing enough to make her happy?

Am i still that guy she fell in love with?

I don’t want this interpreted as if i am making excuses for cheaters but it’s the truth and if we work on ourselves, the better for all involved.

But if we pay good attention, there are always sign when your girlfriend is cheating.

We just have to hope, we all find that one person who brings out the best of us.

The video below discusses five things most men don’t know but should know about their women, maybe it will help make them stay glued to you and not seek attention elsewhere.

After-all, it’s a fact women want a man who understands and is willing to give her the best of care and attention.

Here is another very important thing you need pay attention to especially for those who are keen on learning, there are a few books relating to relationship everyone should read.

Below i list six books that will greatly improve your relationship whether married or single and you can listen (yes, instead of reading) to them free for 30 days on Audible.

Each book has it’s link for paperback or you can get it for free on Audible.

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Meanwhile, for those that are married or hoping to get married soon and the simply curious, check out Why the Wedding Band is Worn on the Fourth Finger.

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