Brighton vs Arsenal: A Short Horror Film

Watching Arsenal is always fun but you have never seen anything like this one!

It’s no longer news Brighton defeated Arsenal 2-1 on Saturday, but as a fan from the other side of London, it was not shocking at all as that’s what i have come to expect of them.

but it was a lot of fun.

Not because they lost the game, far from it.

It was because of what the crew of Arsenal fans TV did in their viewing room (or whatever they want to call the room).

Don’t even try to guess the events.

I can tell you though, it was hilarious!

You will be watching a lot of videos, and we will start with the match highlights.

If you watched the match, well, you can skip the match highlights.

But if you didn’t see the game, you might not understand half of the events.

And here is the opening scene of the short horror movie.

Brighton vs Arsenal Match Highlights


You have to give Pepe credit for that amazing goal.

It’s one you don’t see daily and I have to say well done Nicolas Pepe.

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This is Arsenal doing Arsenal.

Conceding a goal seven minutes after scoring the opener is Arsenal-like and as i mentioned earlier, it didn’t surprise me.

But the set of Arsenal fans weren’t impressed.


And in continuation of Arsenal being Arsenal, they conceded the second goal.

At this point, I have to say I felt really bad for these guys.

Nobody should have to support a team and face such heartbreaks and the problem is, Arsenal do this every week…. they lost disgracefully to Manchester City just a few days back.


But here is the problem and one reason I feel Arsenal as a team is where they are.

How can you blame Neal Maupay for your team’s defeat?

Yes, he got Bernd Leno injured but that’s not enough an excuse to go from a goal up to losing the game.

You need to hold your team responsible for that!


But you have to appreciate fans like Kelechi‘s though.

I don’t know how Gabriel Martinelli could have changed anything in the game but at least he wasn’t trying to deflect the blames on Brighton or their players.

Sub scene:

I hate to say this but I don’t see this Arsenal team changing any time soon.

Meaning, we will probably have another episode of this short horror film.

But until then, I will like to say to Mikel Arteta and his boys……..

Arsenal fans’ lives matter!

Arsenal fans lives matters
Image Credit: AFTV

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Brighton vs Arsenal: A Short Horror Film

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